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5 Decor Ideas for A Bodacious Botanical Bathroom

It's finally starting to feel like spring here in Guelph, like really, truly. Branches are budding and flowers are blooming! I wanted to share my current picks for spring inspired decor to incorporate this fabulous season's trademarks into your bathroom!



From Designers Guild

Put up some subtle floral wallpaper for a dash of spring all year round. Revitalize your perspective on what may have been “your mother’s or Grandma's style” – what’s old is new again, and what’s vintage is valued. Why? Because I think we can all agree, it looks fabulous. Make your grandma or mom jealous with a hip new age floral print wallpaper.

2. Blush and Blue Leaves Shower Curtain

From Society6 by PrintProject - $68.99

A shower curtain to swoon over. Blush pink leaves contrasted by teal blue leaves. Perfect for those who don't like anything "too floral." It's not exactly floral...its botanical!



3.Ridged Terracota Pot

From Anthropologie - $12.00 –$34.00

You can actually just put a real plant in your bathroom, because well...hmmm... let's see (1) it's one of the most simple options, (2) real plants will always be one of my top decor items because it is so refreshing and (3) some plant pots are just so darn cute! Alternatively, you can arrange some of your favourite flowers in a vase.

Tip: Go for fake flowers and plants if you don't like the upkeep





From Desenio

Desenio is one of my favourite places to get affordable and eye catching prints. Check out their botanical prints and you'll surely fall in love with at least one poster. 




5.JAZZ MIX Tile (6" X 5.7")

From TilesInspired - $26.99 per sq. ft. | $145.21 per box 

These ceramic scallop or fish scale tiles, whatever you want to call them is the perfect love child of nautical and botanical design. The box comes with a mix of decorative patterns that is sure to be a showstopper.



Well, thats five! There's probably a million more ideas, but I'm not here to drown you in those ideas. Will you be sprucing up your bathroom decor for spring? If you are let us know what you're doing in the comments, we always love to hear your doing