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Get The Look: Mid Century Modern

The layering of mid-century furniture with modern design details creates an intriguing, intentional space that balances old and new. Mid-century modern inspiration draws from the mid 1930s through the 1960s, a span when design was sleek, elegant and functional, contributing to it's enduring popularity and appeal to today's homeowners.  Read on for tips on how to achieve the look in your bathroom and one way we would put together a Mid-century modern bathroom.


Key Elements

(Image credit: Marc Heldens)

(Image credit: Marc Heldens)


Furniture from this era is characterized by an understated look. Clean lines, curves, and smooth surfaces. It's about geometric minimalism. It plays up the natural beauty of the design with little fuss. Design is usually far from being heavily embellished or ornate. Instead, it is light and airy, boasting neat proportions and functionality. Form definitely follows function in this style.


If there is one type of design that puts a spotlight on wood, it's mid-century modern. Wood detail is the unifying element. 

(Image credit: Damon Liss Design)

(Image credit: Damon Liss Design)


Mid-century modern design showcases quality pieces of furniture or accessories rather than decor on the walls. White or neutral colour palettes are typical on the walls, but your space comes to life with accessories, bright colours, various patterns and textures. In a bathroom this can mean mixing fixture finishes, decorative tiles, towels and rugs.


One of the hallmarks of Mid-century modern design is freely mixing materials. The post-war surge of new materials meant the exploration of combining different and contrasting materials. The old adage that you can't mix metals is totally out the window. Get creative and combine different materials like classic wood with a beautiful quartz or marble top. Have fun with it. 


Lighting usually resembles abstract art pieces adding drama and interest to the room. Think sputnik style lighting with unpolished steel and brass metal work, classic of 1960s mid century modern style. Geometric shapes, globes, hourglass and rings were the dominant shapes. 

In the end design is all down to personal preference. Sometimes you may just want a touch of the style style, while sometimes you want to go all out and truly vintage. 




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Here is one way we would style a Mid-century modern bathroom with a neutral colour palette and just a dash of blue. Click on the each number to know more about each product. Want to know how we would finish off this design or want us to personalize a design just for you? Shoot us a message and let's chat.