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Warm Winter Decor

Winter is coming. The weather outside will be frightful heading into the cooler months, and we will all most likely be gathering with family and friends inside to warm up during the holidays. Don’t let the dropping temperatures drag you down, here are some tips to help you redecorate your space to bring some warmth inside your home and create your own cozy winter refuge. 

1.     Warm up those windows

If you are feeling a chill in the air, insulate your windows! Dress them up with drapes using heavy fabric that matches your existing style. When drawn during cold weather, drapes can reduce heat loss from a warm room by up to 10%. To reduce heat exchange or convection, hang them as close to the windows as possible a let them fall onto the windowsill or the floor. 

2.     Fuzzy floors

Hardwood, tile or stone floors are great in the summer months but during winter…. not so much.  Add a fluffy area rug in your living area – or any area you see fit really – to warm up those feet and make the room feel much cozier.

Image Source -  Adorable Home

Image Source - Adorable Home

Image source -  House to Home

Image source - House to Home

3.     Fire it up

If you have a fireplace be sure to rearrange your furniture towards it. This will create a warm and cozy gathering spot for friends and family. They will surely appreciate the warmth and ambiance the fireplace provides.  To give it an extra flare add textured pillows and throw blankets to stay warm and snuggly regardless of whether there is a fire going or not. 

Don’t have a fireplace? Have no fear. Candles are great too. Place candles strategically around the room to achieve the same warmth and glow. 

Image Source -  Fresh Design Pedia

Image Source - Fresh Design Pedia

Image Source -  Garrison Hullinger

Image Source - Garrison Hullinger

4.     Bring nature indoors

Bring the outdoors inside, because why not enjoy a touch of nature in the warmth of your own home.  Think sprigs of evergreens, birch branches, twigs of bright red winterberries, pinecones, etc.  There are so many ways to display and arrange these items inside your home during winter. Whether it be a DIY or store bought decor have fun with it! 

Image Source -  Pottery Barn

Image Source - Pottery Barn

Image Source -  Equallywed

Image Source - Equallywed

Image Source -  Liz Marie

Image Source - Liz Marie

Image Source -  Liz Marie

Image Source - Liz Marie

5.     Warm inviting smells

Décor and accessories can go a long way towards cozying your home, but filling your home with smells of the season is important too. A bowl of potpourri consisting of cinnamon, pine needles or evergreens can do the trick or you prefer diffusing essential oils PaLoHa Essentials has a post about wonderful winter essential oil blends you can try, here. Additionally, there are so many scent options offered in candles from various brands, they can range from earthy scents to sweet candy cane, the hardest part is picking them out.