3 Simple Ways To Open Up A Small Bathroom

When you have a small bathroom, sometimes it’s hard to find space or make it look larger, but here are some modern solutions to revamp your small bathroom to give it a little more “oomph”.


Creating niches in the walls are a great way to utilize space you might not even know you have. Generally, if an interior wall does not have insulation or plumbing running through it, then that is space you can use. 

A niche can be placed in the shower area or on other walls, not only does it provide space visually, but also gives you more room to store items in a very chic manner. Something to consider is how you want the niche to look, whether it runs vertically or horizontally, and whether you want to use accent patterns or colors to emphasize the niche. For example, when niches run the length of the wall horizontally with a accent color or pattern, it tends to widen the room as well as maximizing storage space, as shown in the first picture.   

TIP: When using open storage such as niches to store toiletries, try placing them in decorated containers in order to minimize clutter, which can quickly crowd up a small bathroom.


We tend to see swinging doors in homes, but how about other options? There are pocket doors, barn doors, and even bifold doors. It's time to reclaim some door space, and open up some more placement options for other things. Swinging doors can be a bit of nuisance for small bathrooms whether it's you squeezing yourself through the door, or the door restricts placement of other things such as the vanity.   

These doors take up little to no space and the are a great solution to opening up your small bathroom from a design perspective. If you are considering a pocket door however, do keep in mind that your wall may have electrical or plumbing running through it which may not be easily rerouted, so instead perhaps consider a barn door or bi fold doors. 


When you mount fixtures in small bathroom in visually opens up space by allowing the eye to see the floor all the way through till the wall, giving the illusion of a bigger room. A wall mounted toilet is an option to consider, the tank of the toilet recesses into the wall, decreasing the amount it protrudes out into the room. Moreover, you can utilize the space where the tank would be for storage. But again, consider that there may issues with the wall and this type of installation may not be possible without a high price tag. 

Luckily, you can also mount sinks and vanities as well. Mounting the sink is a great idea in bathrooms that do not need to hold a lot of toiletries, it's a minimalistic approach to opening up rooms, and it can look incredibly beautiful and simplistic when set in the right space. However, if you need the storage, but don't want it to look cluttered, consider a mounted vanity. Pick one with clean and simple lines which won't make your small bathroom look "busy."

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