Spa-Like Bathrooms | Part II: Decor

In our last post, I wrote about different types of ways to renovate your to achieve a spa-like bathroom. This second part addresses décor tips and tricks to achieve the same look. These tips are great for people who are unable to renovate their bathrooms, and for people who are fine-tuning an already renovated bathroom.


I believe that some greenery breathes life to any room. Not only do plants reflect spa scenery, they add freshness to the air and make any space look more natural. However, some plants thrive more than others in the bathroom and The Joy of Plants has compiled a nice list of plants that not only look wonderful bathroom but thrive and prosper in that environment. On the other hand, if you do not have a green thumb (like me) or don’t want to worry about real plants, fake plants achieve the same result aesthetically.

Image via  Homedit

Image via Homedit

Image via  Inside Out

Image via Inside Out

Image via  Airows

Image via Airows


The toilet does not have to be the only seat in the bathroom! Ever notice how some spas have a nice ottoman, stool or couch to rest on? Why not add one in yours? If you have the extra room to place a small seat, do it. It’s an elegant and upscale looking piece that provides you seating while waiting for the bath to fill or moisturizing your legs once you’re out of the shower. It can also double as a side table to hold your gadgets, books, and products while you're bathing!

Image via  Day Design Decor
Image via  Decozilla

Image via Decozilla

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Image via Style File

Bathroom Organization

Buying dispensers, trays, and containers that are the same style helps keep the room consistent and harmonized. Moreover, it makes the room appear tidier, because when you have different products on the counter or in the shower with different packaging, labels, and colors, it distracts the eye and makes the room appear messy and cluttered. However, when it comes to counter space I advise on keeping it as clear as possible by storing products and appliances in drawers or baskets but in case you want products out for your convenience such as skincare or perfume, put it on a tray.

Image via  The Inner Sanctum
Image via  Arianna Belle

Image via Arianna Belle


Light up a candle and fill the room with a relaxing aroma and a soft warm glow. However, if candles are not your thing try scent diffusers or potpourri. 


Nothing screams spa like large white fluffy towels to me. They are not exactly décor items, but it’s the placement and arrangement of towels that give off the spa-like vibe, thus I consider it functional decor. Some people prefer to keep extra towels stowed away in the hall closet, but there are ways to showcase them in the bathroom, which adds comfort and softness to the room.

Image via  Homegoid

Image via Homegoid

Image via  Tewes Design

Image via Tewes Design

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