Lets Talk About Wedi

Wedi What? Let's talk about Wedi. Some homeowners may not be aware what Wedi is, and in this post I really want to shine some light on what exactly is a Wedi board, and the advantages of using a thin board method, such as Wedi, over the traditional method to waterproof and area or room. This post focuses more on advantages for homeowners rather than contractors, as we at Mikro Renovations already know the benefits of using such systems like Wedi.

The Wedi boards are building panels made up of foam, mesh, and mortar, and is used as an underlayment for walls and floors. It also has other applications where regular backer boards are used as well. So as a homeowner, what does this mean for you? Wedi boards are 100% waterproof and mold proof, and it's manufacturers boast about it being the preferred choice for steam showers and steam rooms for more than 29 years as it is functions as a vapor retarder. This makes it an excellent product for your investment. 

Moreover, Wedi systems are faster to install and then tile, compared to the traditional method. The amount of steps in the traditional method is rather time consuming especially waiting for drying time between coats of waterproofing. This means that you can have your bathroom done much faster, and is especially useful when the bathroom being renovated is the only one available in the home with a shower.

To add, this system opens you up to more creative design possibilities. The boards come in a variety of customizable styles that allow you to select, size, shape, seating, niches, drains, and finish. Wedi is also one of the better options on the market for walk or roll-in showers as well as eccentric shower shapes. However, we do recognize that sometimes the options are limiting so sometimes it's possible to mix product from different systems such as kerdi. This post, however, does emphasize the Wedi system and I have pulled some images from their website to showcase what can be done with a system like Wedi. 

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We can see that Wedi can have applications anywhere from the walls, to counters, and the floor. It gives you the possibility to completely waterproof a room. Again they have different options when it comes to shapes seating and niches as well. It's truly a system that can help your finished bathroom feel like a spa.  

So, if beautiful design, fast turnover, and a superior product and finish is what you are looking for then perhaps using a backer board system is the way to go for your bathroom. Whether it be all Wedi or a combination of backer board products we absolutely think it's a superior way of building.